November Rain – Outro Solo in 6 Parts

November Rain – Outro Solo in 6 Parts

Guns n’ Roses is one of those bands that made a HUGE impact on my playing during my formative years.
I remember sitting down with my guitar when I was first learning and thinking “How does he do that?” about Slash and some of the
solos he recorded.

Countless hours were spent listening, practicing, and performing these songs. So much so, that I think there are clear traces of
his style in my playing today. It’s like learning a language… I remember when someone first told me that I was beginning to have a
“Californian” accent… At the time I didn’t get it, but now I know the different between someone’s accent who is from New York,
Boston, Texas, etc… I was beginning to sound “Californian” because I was learning English there, and listening to people who talked
that way. Same thing goes for the guitar. I learned by playing GnR (among others) tunes.

Anyway, this week GnR played their gig at Coachella and I felt like I had to pay tribute in a way… So I decided to divide the outro
solo of “November Rain” and post it on my instagram account for 6 days straight. The result is 6 videos which you can check out below!

I didn’t see them live at Coachella, but hope to be able to catch one of their other shows. In the meantime, rock on!